Lonmin Mine – Horizontal Filter Installation

Date: 29 April 2019

City: Rustenburg

Scope of work: Installation of two new Horizontal Filters

Lift Specification: Supplier gave incorrect weight of load at 15t. Due to this 275t was supplied. Had to supply 550t ton crane urgently within one day and de-establish 275t crane in the same time with very little space on site.

Challenges: Height; August – Windy month, crane work was stopped 1 time

Solutions Provided (Equipment): 275t Crane was de-established and 550t Crane 135t counter weights was supplied and build between Friday and Saturday night 19H00
Methods of Execution: Dummy runs were done before lifts took place to confirm that lift would take place safe and within stipulated safety factors.
Benefits to Customer: Filters were installed within clients due date despite all challenges; Client did not run into any panalties times
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