As a mobile crane hire company, we offer a full range of lifting services. Whether you need 1 crane or 100 cranes; whether you are conducting a 5 ton or a 1000 ton lift; and, whether your lift is simple or complicated, Johnson Crane Hire can provide the right lifting solution for the job. We operate the largest fleet on the African continent. Our value added services include Upfront Engineering and Technical Planning, Project Management (Factory to Foundation), Heavy and Specialized Transport, Heavy Rigging Services, Jack and Sliding (including alternative lifting technologies).


  • Hydraulic Cranes

    Our hydraulic crane fleet ranges in capacity from 8 ton to 750 ton. The fleet type ranges from All Terrain to Truck Mount and Rough Terrain Cranes.

  • Crawler Cranes & projects

    The crawler crane fleet comprises of cranes from 120 ton to 750 ton capacity.

    Lattice Boom Crane Fleet

    • 1 x 250 ton crawler
    • 1 x 400 ton crawler
    • 1 x 600 ton crawler
    • 1 x 750 ton crawler
    • 1 x 750 ton truck mount crane

    Specialised Project Equipment

    • 1 x 400 ton Jacking System
    • 1 x 400 ton Sliding System
    • Specialised Rigging and Lifting Equipment
  • Specialised Cranes

    MK110 Construction Cranes (mobile tower cranes), Telescopic Hydraulic Boom Crawler Cranes and Compact City Cranes

  • Heavy Lifting Cranes

    The skill and capability of Johnson Crane Hire’s heavy lift team is quite simply unmatched in Africa. We operate one of the largest heavy lift fleets in the country and Africa.

    Hydraulic Heavy Lift Cranes

    • 4 x 180 ton
    • 3 x 220 ton
    • 5 x 275 ton
    • 2 x 330 ton
    • 1 x 440 ton
    • 2 x 550 ton
    • 1 x 750 ton