Cranes and Value-Added Services


Mobile Cranes

Our core business is mobile crane hire. Our modern fleet ranges from 5 ton to 1000 ton lifting capacity, and everything in between. Whether you have to perform a single lift or deliver a major project, we can provide the correct crane to do the job safely and properly.

We supply cranes for:

  • Day-to-day hire
  • Long-term hire
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Turn-around (shutdowns)
  • Heavy Lifting and Projects

Johnson Crane Hire’s capabilities are unmatched in southern Africa. With a range of equipment diverse enough to conduct any lift, fortified by the necessary experience to ensure that every lift is conducted safely, on time and cost effectively, we have served the petrochemical, mining and construction industries for more than 34 years.

Value-Added Services

Johnson Crane Hire provides a range of value-added services that deliver complete lifting solutions, in order to offer the most convenient and efficient services to our customers:


A successful lift depends on having the right equipment and skill on hand. Johnson Crane Hire’s internal rigging services provide heavy lift crane support, supplemented by accredited outsourced rigging services, incorporating certified riggers and equipment.

Heavy Transport

Johnson Crane Hire provides heavy and abnormal transport to move loads horizontally or vertically through an extensive partnership in transport providers.

Lift Engineering

Our lift engineering team provides innovative solutions to your lifting challenges. By charting the lift before it takes place, we are able to identify crucial lifting performance and critical paths – ensuring that there are no surprises on the day of the lift.

Risk Assessment

There is always an element of risk in lifting and moving a load – by conducting a comprehensive risk assessment beforehand we are able to pinpoint potential problems and find solutions before the crane even arrives on site.

Factory to Foundation Projects

Johnson Crane Hire provides the most effective lifting solutions for factory to foundation projects, from inception to completion. This involves: planning, methodology, lift engineering, cranes, route surveying, transport and rigging.